Welcome to CrapMail

What is...

CrapMail is a service for you how need a temporary email address for some purpose.

The email will be readable for you in 7 days afterwards we will automatically delete the email. Here is a feature list of what we can offer you.

  • Free anonymous email address
  • No registration

You can use this to signup for some services which otherwise requires an email, and you dont want to give them your own. This could be forums, chats or some other place you want to be anonymous

Park domain...

If you want to park your domains on crapmail, you can do that free of charge. However everyone else will also be able to use your domains, just as crapmail.dk :)

All you have to do is add the follow MX record to your domain, and the domain will be created by the first email which arrives.
MX-record: mail.crapmail.dk


All you will have to do in order to use our service is, pretent you are the owner of some email like 123@crapmail.dk, use this as you email for some signup formular, and enter the email address in the form below, and you will see all received emails for this account.

For quick access, you can also enter the mail address in the url crapmail.dk/q/[MAILBOX].


What is it...

  • Temporary emails
  • Anonymous emails
  • No registration
  • Webmail with no password
  • Temporary redirection
  • Reply on emails
  • Check spam score
  • Park your own domains
  • Lock account
  • Extend expire date for mails

What is it not...

  • Private email
  • Personal information


You can help us with your creditcard as well.



... new trend, more google+ users...



... but everyone else use facebook, i want to try it out too :p